November 20, 2017

Why the Kurds are Paying for Trump's Gift to Iran

The Kurds are an incredible people. Historically, they have suffered terribly and unjustly. Currently, they have done more to defeat Isis than any other fighting group. They have been betrayed by every country that has dealt with them.
As Galbraight writes,'The Reagan administration opposed congressional efforts to cut U.S. aid to Saddam even after he attacked the Kurds with chemical weapons.' Bush senior betrayed them after the first gulf war. By not pursuing the war to it's end, they stood by and allowed them to be slaughtered. To this day, there are still people who defend these atrocious betrayals. The Kurds have more then earned their right to their own homeland. I salute these wonderful people and I support them totally for their courage, integrity, and a rich, proud history.


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