November 03, 2016


As in Rwanda, the world frets and worries and debates and threatens and denounces ad infinitum ad nauseum, while innocent people are being murdered by their own government.

President Obama, like the European leaders, has proven that he is one of those people who is incapable of true outrage against moral turpitude.

There are no heroes here, neither presently nor historically.

Turkey, while trying to broker a ceasefire, still refuses to admit to the murder of over one million Armenians and makes it a crime even to say it occurred.

After the communists took over in China more than 20 million people were murdered.  Under Stalin more than 20 million also were murdered.  Naturally, China and Russia are the strongest supporters of Syria although the ultimate honors go to Hezbollah and Iran.

How interesting that the people who detest Israel the most have little or nothing to say against Syria.

It's called "selective outrage."

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