April 02, 2010

Thank you all

I'd like to thank all of you on LinkedIn who took the time to comment on the trailer for my film The Eyes of Van Gogh.

Group: Film Independent
What a wonderful and inspired portrayal of a troubled mind! Posted by Stanley N. Lozowski

Group: Film Independent
Congratulations on the new film. I am a Van Gogh fan so the topic matter is of much interest. I have a screening room in New Mexico and would love to show your film. Posted by Kenneth Segura Knoll

Group: DC Media
Excellent hair and makeup! Captured Von Gogh's self-portrait look. Perhaps you'd consider a voiceover like the one I did for Random House Books?

Group: DC Media
Looks like an awesome film, Alexander! When will it premiere? Posted by Katherine Hutt

Group: Filmmakers
The trailer looks excellent and from what I see the performances are great. Let us know if we can be of any assistance in the musical score department on any future productions----Good Luck, Brad Hord

Group: Media & Entertainment Professionals
Cool trailer, the man playing Van Gogh looks just like him! Good LUCK!Mike E.T.
http://www.miketrapp.com Posted by Michael Trapp

Group: Independent Filmmakers and Screenwriters
Looks very intense and I like its tone when compared to, "Lust for Life". Posted by Brian Duggan

Group: Actors and Casting Directors
Impressive. Nicely done, Alexander! Posted by Lee Armstrong

Group: Actors and Casting Directors
Wow, that was hard to watch. You captured a lifetime in Three minutes, can't wait for the film. Posted by Paul Marshall

Group: Actors and Casting Directors
Looks good. Great job casting! Posted by Tony Folden

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