March 12, 2010

Women as Tools of War

The article by Mr. Goldberg is excellent. The response is frightening and yet totally predictable. I have done enormous research re atrocities committed against women, especially in Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. The statistics are horrific and quite accurate. Rape and the enslavement of women are being used as a tools of war throughout the world. Women are being treated like road kill. Unfortunately this has been true throughout history and the problem has gotten progressively worse. For those sceptics, I invite them to check out what's happening now in The Republic Of the Congo and then research the practice of honor killings and the murder of female babys and genital mutilation of women and the enormous slave trade in women (which by the way would never survive without all the customers from the so-called civilized countries like the U.S. Japan, England, France, etc.) Check out what the Japanese did to the Chinese women in Nanking and what the Serbs did in Bosnia and what the Russians did to the German women near the end of World War 11. In Bosnia and herzegovina over 70000 women and girls were raped by the Serbs, often in front of their parents, many as young as 12 or 13. Scores of them were killed, their bodies dumped like garbage. In Africa as in most other third world countries men reign supreme. Women are not committing any of these atrocities: Men are. Cross posted to the Chigago Tribune.

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